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To create from the gift that is the present


The endeavor to satisfy the sensorial hunger that can only be met through heightened experiences. The labor that lies in cohesively, and simply, sharing elevating journeys that can inspire universal emancipation through individual release.


It is a search for catharsis, a salute to the primacy of art-making.

There is solace to be found in the fundamentality of human creation when overwhelmed by one's daily oppressions. Through rigorous experimentation in all aspects of performance, one can attempt to dissolve all notions of what contemporary dance encapsulates.

A practice in wholeness

How can the unity of our existence be reflected in the work? How can the different elements combine to form one cohesive expression? Questions, instead of results, guide all experiments and investigations.


We have already arrived

Transparent , authentic, representation of the process during the time of sharing . The work is never done, but only finds various levels of fruition. There is nowhere to go, but only to be. These thoughts serve as guiding principles.

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